The creation of sound: a discussion on the collaboration between a violinist and a violin-maker in the process of instrument making

One of the big differences between buying a preexisting old instrument and getting a new instrument or bow is that with the new instrument a musician has the opportunity to work directly one on one with the maker, and this gives the opportunity to custom create what is really appropriate for each musician. This will be one of the topics of rich program of events of Mondomusica New York. The seminar will be held by Sam Zygmuntowicz: listen to his interview about it!

Announcing a rich program of scientific, cultural, and artistic events

Mondomusica New York is much more than a trade show: Mondomusica offers supplementary programing of cultural, scientific and artistic events to attract a wider and diverse group of musical professionals. Mondomusica 2014 will offer seminars on:
- How to make the sound: How musicians and violin makers collaborate when an instrument is commissioned
- How to tackle the instruments and raw materials transportation issues
- Health and wellness for musicians
This is just a small part of the whole event program of Mondomusica New York. More information will be available shortly.

Mondomusica New York is going on the road!

As we continue to promote Mondomusica New York 2014 around the globe, we are planning a special presentation of the Mondomusica New York program in Chicago and Los Angeles. These events will ensure that we are attracting the largest number of violin makers, dealers, musicians, music teachers, students and instrument collectors from around the country to our show in New York. We will have staff on hand to discuss our program and have arranged for prominent guests to give their insights into the importance of Mondomusica New York 2014 for the violin community.

Your Mondomusica New York 2014 booth has been designed!

Here is your first look of the 82Mercer set-up for Mondomusica New York 2014. This set-up has been specifically designed to not only enhance your instruments visibility, but also to take advantage of the natural beauty of 82Mercer. For more information on how to exhibit at MMNY14, please contact your sales office.

Waiting for Mondomusica New York, Mondomusica in Cremona defy the crisis as the show was packed with members of the trade from across the globe

Despite this particularly difficult moment in the musical instrument market, the exhibit established itself as the most important international marketplace for music business dealers and buyers in the entire world.
With an economic situation that is putting the production and distribution of musical instruments to the test, Cremona Mondomusica has demonstrated that it is a strong instrument of commercialization and promotion that is able to fight back.

Mondomusica New York - The Finest American Exhibition for International Violin Making is Returning to New York April 10-12, 2014

We are pleased to announce that the second annual Mondomusica New York will be back in New York on April 10-12 2014 as they occupy the beautiful spaces of 82Mercer in Soho, New York.

Mondomusica New York is looking forward to returning to New York to promote the very finest in contemporary violin making to the US market.

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