A communication plan to reach 3,000,000 contacts

Mondomusica New York 2014 will be supported by an extensive communication plan to reach our main targets: makers of violins and accessories, professional and amateur musicians, music teachers and students, auction houses, collectors and investors, music enthusiasts. 
To see the communication plan in details click HERE

The Mondomusica New York Advisory Board met in Cremona

The Mondomusica New York Advisory Board met in Cremona, Italy, to define the program of events for Mondomusica New York 2014! Many topics have been discussed and we are excited to announce two: “How to choose an instrument” and “Physical Health for string musicians.” Several more discussions will take place over the next few days and we expect the full program of events for MMNY 14 to be made available online shortly.

The VSA 2013 Convention: Oberlin comes to Baltimore!


November 7-9, 2013

This year’s VSA Convention theme, Oberlin Comes to Baltimore, features participants of the VSA/Oberlin workshops, making presentations in the areas of instrument and bow making, instrument and bow restoration, and acoustics. Plans are set for an exciting, interactive program!
The Violin Society of America is one of the highly qualified industry associations and institutions supporting Mondomusica New York event in the United States.

Mondomusica New York will strengthen its communication activity and target musicians, music teachers, schools and dealers specifically for our 2014 Exhibition

Last year our communication plan for Mondomusica New York 2013 reached more than 2,000,000 people from around the world with direct communications and detailed ADV campaigns. This year, our goal for MMNY14 will be to reach even more contacts. 
So it is with this goal in mind that we are happy to announce that we have hired the PR/Media Relations agency, Sally Fischer PR to assist us in these efforts.
It is our intention to continually boost communication efforts of Mondomusica New York so that our main targets can easily find their way to Mondomusica New York and attend the Exhibition.

Good news for past exhibitors!

New location, new program of events, and 15% discount for past exhibitors. These are the very first big news of Mondomusica New York 2014!
If you exhibited during the 2013 Mondomusica New York, we are pleased to offer you a 15% discount on Mondomusica New York 2014. This offer is valid until July 31, 2013: don't miss it! Contact the SALES OFFICE for more information.

Mondomusica New York found a new home in Soho

The second annual Mondomusica New York will take place at 82Mercer, in Soho. A former manufacturing facility, 82Mercer still retains some of its original 19th century details, including cast iron columns, 14-foot ceilings, hardwood floors, and brick archways.  

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