The very best in contemporary violin-making has finally found its ideal setting in the States. New York, the US cultural and financial capital, provided the exhibition with a perfect platform for presentations on the world’s most important market. Superior outfitting also played a part in defining Mondomusica New York as the premier showcase for international violin-making. 
The United States has never before had an event of this size dedicated to the world of violin making:
164 exhibitors from 14 countries
  • Europe (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, the UK, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain)
  • Asia (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore)
and 2,537 attendees
  • Musicians: 31%
  • Instrument makers: 23%
  • Distributors, dealers, and buyers: 22%
  • Music teachers and students: 17%
  • Collectors and investors: 4%
  • Others: 3%