Mondomusica New York 2014 will host more than 100 exhibitors from 12 countries: a real international show that will features some among the best worldwide violin and accessories makers. Among the European exhibitors we will find Larsen Strings, from Denmark, which develop, produces and globally distributes strings of the finest musical quality for bowed instruments.
At Mondomusica New York, Larsen Strings will also organize the seminar "Musical strings: their design and impact on sound" featuring Thomas Zwieg and Laurits Th. Larsen.
We asked Laurits some questions about their participation at Mondomuisca New York.
The U.S. are the largest market in the world for musical instruments: are they an interesting market for stringed instruments and for your product in particular?
The U.S. market has since our company was founded 1990 been most important to us. Both professional and amateur musicians have recognized the value of our products and have been very loyal to our brand since first introduced. Also, the US school system systematically provides opportunities for young children to learn to play an instrument. Hence the US market is interesting, as we have a unique portfolio of fractional strings for the talented youngster.
Which are the reasons that convinced you to participate to Mondomusica New York as an exhibitor?
In short: it is a perfect occasion to meet with old friends in addition to, hopefully, making many new friends as well.  
Which categories of visitors do you expect to meet at Mondomusica New York?
We expect to meet with all kinds of music lovers from the professional player to the serious student who wants to know more about bowed instruments.
What do you think about the program of events?
There are several high quality events; I look forward to them all.
Can you give us any anticipation about your lecture?
We plan to show how string construction is a highly scientific one, and we hope to give the listeners a deeper understanding of how to arrive at sound choices.
Will you bring any new product to Mondomusica New York?
Most certainly!