Among the American exhibitors of Mondomusica New York 2014 (exhibitors from 14 U.S. States already signed up), we find Dipper Restoration, from Minnesota.
Andrew Dipper is a skilled restorer, historian, writer and sculptor. After studying sculpture and violinmaking in London and Cremona, he founded Andrew Dipper Restorations in London, England in 1975. He relocated to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1990 where he joined Claire Givens Violins, Inc. as Vice President. At Mondomusica New York he will give a lecture about the life and times of Antonio Stradivari; we asked him some anticipation.
What are the connections between the times of Antonio Stradivari and the contemporary violin making?
Antonio Stradivari laid the foundations for the development of violin design. During his lifetime he completely re-designed the violin from the simple principles laid down by the Amati family, using novel acoustic schemes combined with profound knowledge of materials. The concept of a consort of instrument whose tones and character could blend to produce an Orchestra was due to the genius of the Amati family, however Antonio Stradivari was able to prove that there was not just one solution to this problem and by reducing the size of the violoncello, with the aid of the new overspun gut strings he was able to design a new virtuoso instrument that was in perfect accord to the sound and tonality of the violin. His work forms the basis of the current revival of the art of violin making and his genius lives on through every master instrument that uses his original designs.
Can you give some figures about the American and the international markets of baroque instruments?
The market for Baroque instruments in the USA is specialized and not very large, however the world market for these historic instruments and their associated performance is healthy and growing. Violins that are set up to play according to historic principles have added enormous depth to the presentation and interpretation of musical styles, while the instruments and bows themselves have become tools for novel discoveries in understanding historic compositions, music and the intent of composers.
What do you expect from Mondomusica New York? 
We hope that Mondomusica will provide a new forum for discussion and showcasing of contemporary lutherie and will provide a much needed vibrant market for young and established makers.