Waiting for the new dates of Mondomusica New York, here comes Cremona Mondomusica!

The new dates of the third Mondomusica New York will be announced soon, but waiting for that we can focus on what is going to happen in Cremona, homeland of violin-making, at the end of September.
As a matter of fact, Cremona Mondomusica and Piano Experience will be held from Semptember 25th to 27th, gathering 223 exhibitors among violin and piano makers, distributors, accessories makers and dealers, and music publishers. 
57% of the exhibitors will come from 25 countries; this confirms Cremona as the largest worldwide marketplace from quality musical instruments. 
Cremona Mondomusica and Piano Experience will present a rich program of events as well: more than 90 appointments among concerts, seminars, presentations and round tables. Among these events, we can mention the guitar-making masterclass by John Monteleone, the world-famous maker from New York!
Waiting for Mondomusica New York, let's join us in Cremona!

A new instrument has come: the celloridoo

Iranian designer Aidin Ardjomand presented a new instrument that he designed, the Celloridoo. As the name suggests, the instrument is a combination of a bowed instrument resembling a cello and a didgeridoo.
Ardjomandi came up with the idea while studying industrial design in his masters degree in Teheran. The Celloridoo project won the A’Design bronze award.
For more details click HERE

Have you ever played for the cows?? Here's the Happy Cow Concert!

How is the impact of classical music on the milk production?
Last June, Andreas Kern, Roberto Prosseda and Fabrizio Von Arx played for the cows in Cremona, homeland of the greatest violin makers and composers, but also the most important dairy industry in Italy. See what happened at THIS LINK and share it!

Mondomusica and Piano Experience have been presented in Berlin with a special event at the Mendelssohn Remise

Germany, thanks to its great violin-making tradition, has always represented one of the main focus-countries of Mondomusica: in 2014, Cremona Mondomusica hosted 49 exhibitors from Germany and 18% of the total number of foreign visitors came from there.
The presentation in Berlin has been followed by the concert of M° Roberto Prosseda who played the world premiere of two Mendelssohn piano compositions. A huge part of the cultural and artistic German community was there, included musicians of the Berliner Philharmoniker.


“Give a Music Chance” in Palermo: great enthusiasm and attendance at the donation ceremony where 13 string instruments and music educational materials were donated

On June 6th in Palermo, Sicily, was held the official donation ceremony of stringed instruments that CremonaFiere within the Mondomusica context has given to the children of the project “My School becomes Conservatory.”
A big and important event attended by the Mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando, who stressed the importance to work as a system in order to spread musical culture among younger generations.
The official donation ceremony of string instruments has ended in which this year CremonaFiere, through “Give Music a Chance”, has shared it with the City and Conservatory of Palermo.

The importance of bow hair care

Bow hair care
Every violinist knows that the bow is an indispensable tool, and that it requires the same consideration and care that we could give to the violin. Still, not always the bow gets the necessary attention: in particular, his hair needs a special care, not less than the one that we should have for our own hair. 

Enfants prodiges or real artists?

Enfants prodiges have always been present in classical music: Mozart, Mendelssohn and Liszt were astonishing pianists and composers already at 12 year-old, and their artistic growth kept the excellent results of their early age. But it is not always the case. Today we can see several children or teens who can play the piano or the violin with an astonishing technical control, but this does not always bring to a great artistic career. The following article on The Independent looks into this problem and also raises important questions regarding the interaction between a early intense musical practice and the presence (or absence) of true artistic goals and achievements.

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